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"Special thanks to the greatest wedding coordinator in the world who played a big part of making things run smoothly!"

Green Wedding 2012

"God orchestrated you being our wedding coordinator perfectly!! The best coordinator on this side of heaven!"

Plater Wedding 2013

"You were truly phenomenal! I wasn't stressed at all. I am so glad that you were there!"

Boyette Wedding 2021

Testimonials: Testimonials

"This wouldn't have been possible without you! Your attention to detail, creativity, and ability to keep things moving is exactly what we needed"

A. Pounders for Bridal Shower 2021

"Best event coordinator. Very professional, responsive, organized, and supportive! Highly recommend!"

Andrews Wedding 2021

"Our baby shower was more than what we could have asked for. Thank you so much! You were such a blessing to us!"

Frazier/Scott Baby Shower 2021

Testimonials: Testimonials
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